What is grp handrailing

  • Almost everyone knows about the hand railing system that is used all over the world. These hand railing are placed with the stairs to help us easily move up or down. With advancement in each and every field, the hand railing system also advanced with time.

    A new technology in hand railing that is called the GRP Handrailing or Glass Reinforced Plastic Hand Railing. This system of GRP handrailing is yellow colored and it is used in many industries nowadays. The need of this material was felt to eradicate the use of metallic materials. The metallic materials that were previously used were not so good. This new technology has completely taken its place. The stair tread nosing is also a widely used technique. Whenever we study something about stairways, the stair tread nosing and grp hand railing go side by side. This hand railing is used in warehouses and other big industries.

    Benefits of GRP Hand Railing

    There many benefits of GRP handrailing due to which it replaced all other materials. Some of them are as follow:

    • It is long lasting then the metallic materials

    • It is cost effect as compared to other materials

    • It is easy to fit also